Wicked Weddings, Vow Renewals and Baby Namings

Your wedding day is yours to enjoy. Let's make sure it is unforgettable!

Services and Prices


Legal only – This is a wedding that has a “no frills” approach and contains only the bare legal requirements. It usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes, will contain all necessary legal components and lodgement of the appropriate documentation. $750.

Standard – A wedding that includes introductions, a prepared script (written together with you so that you are happy with what is going to happen), access to the PA system and unlimited meetings and emails. Together we will put together a ceremony which will make you and your family very happy. $950.

Extended – You can include a range of options such as rituals, readings, or themes. I can assist with ideas and help write your ceremony script so that it meets your specific needs. You will have unlimited meetings and emails along with the PA system to make the day a very special one indeed. Depending on options price will be from $1050.

Pastafarian Weddings – Yes, I’m a Minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and can provide you with a pirate wedding should you wish. Together we will develop and deliver a memorable ceremony which should delight all who attend. Prices will vary depending on how many options are included however will commence at $1050.

Services Provided:

Additional options:

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Together we will draft a ceremony to celebrate the official naming of your new baby. A script will be drafted by all of us and you will be presented with a Certificate of Naming on completion. The basic ceremony is $600 but additional options such as a sand ceremony or readings will increase the price which will be negotiated with you.

Vow Renewals

This is such a special day for all concerned and consequently there is a flat fee of $800 for the ceremony. Together we will put together a special celebration in which your family and friends can participate.

About Me

Brian Brennan
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After 23 years in the Royal Australian Navy, I completed my master's degree in human resource management and then worked for over 15 years in various Government Departments. At the end of 2018 I left the public service and studied to become a marriage celebrant. I now work full-time as a civil celebrant.

My wife and I were married a few years ago in our back garden at a pirate party! We kept it a surprise from almost all our guests (immediate family knew) and then were married in front of them in full costume. It was a fun night and such a great ceremony. It was so much fun that it wasn't difficult for me to consider becoming a celebrant myself.

I had many opportunities for public speaking in my former careers including presenting at conferences. My approach is friendly, relaxed and entertaining. This makes my ceremonies that much easier for participation by everyone and I thoroughly enjoy planning and scripting these ceremonies with the couple at the centre of it all.